BEDS Day 17 – Writing Soundtracks

Do you write with a soundtrack playing in the background or do you need silence?

For me personally, I like to use Ambient Noises. I’m a huge fan of Harry Potter and I came across a YouTube channel chock full of Harry Potter ambient sounds!

Check out ASMR Rooms! They have a large assortment of Ambient Sounds, not just the Harry Potter world!

I’ve never been a fan of music playing when I write. I can’t stand the singing/lyical aspect. I do well with just the instrumental playing.

What do you have playing while you write? Let me know in the comments section below!

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BEDS Day 16 – Favorite Fall Treat

What is your favorite fall seasonal treat?

I bet those of you who read my BEDS Day 11 Coffee Corner post, you can probable guess what my favorite holiday treat is!


I’m one of those people! Give me a Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino or a Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea Latte and I’m a happy camper! Closer to winter time and my taste change or rather get added to. Closer to the colder temperature, I’m a fan of pumpkin coffee or peppermint cappuccino.

But Pumpkin is always in the forefront of my wants during the Fall and Winter.

What are you favorite seasonal treats?

Let me know in the comments section below!

30in30 CampNanoWriMo and More!

So, it has been months since I last posted anything on here. I hate that. But it hasn’t been just here. I haven’t written anything other than some personal journal CNW_Participant_Squareentries.

But this month of March, I am participating in a new challenge called 30 in 30 over on Facebook. Check it out HERE. Challenge is to write 30,000 words in March.

Now, I’m not following the rules to the T because I want to just start writing every day. This was my goal for last November as well and I accomplished it then. But sadly, when November ended, so did my habit of writing each and every day.

This is something that I am really not proud of but I am in the process of rectifying the slip in my writing self.

I am venturing out of my comfort zone. I’m joining groups on Facebook and other places online. I haven’t really sought out anything physically local but online for me is just as good because it gives you the freedom to come and go as needed.

I’m super psyched for Camp Nano in April. I’ve only done Camp one other time but I love it just as much as I do November Nano.

This week is going to be working on getting a schedule set up to post to my blog because I want to have a regular post going out each week. Thursdays might be my days each week but I will fine tune and post about it. 🙂

Everyone have a great day and as always, HAPPY WRITING!


NanoWriMo Day 12

So, I haven’t posted a NanoWriMo blog in a few days and I am very disappointed in myself about that. I had a few goals this month and one was to post everyday. But real life got in the way with long work shifts and being almost too tired to write at all. Now, I will say, I did get my Nano writing done and I had to choose between that and blog posting and Nano writing was going to win hands down.

But as for my planning outline, I have pantsed in the past and this year I had a pretty good outline going for one of my short stories (i’m doing a short story collection this year) and I had thought that that one short story itself would be about 8 to 10 thousand words but right off the bat, the characters decided to take control, which isn’t bad in and of itself but my inner voice kept saying you’re not following your outline. Also, my characters kinda ended the story at about 4 thousand words instead of 8/10 as I had wanted.

So to get my groove back these two days, I am going to be working on changing my inner voice to be accepting of letting my characters completely lead my story, even if it thinks their leading the story into a wall or something.

I also need to create a loose outline for a few more of my short stories to at least not have a sinking/drowning feeling going on before I sit down to write.

I am still have a great time as I am writing everyday. Yesterday wasn’t as productive as I had wanted. I didn’t actually write anything short story related other than I did write down some prompts. I’m going to count that as my daily writing as it was only 24 words but I am focusing on writing everyday.

But I’ve rambled on long enough.

Happy Writing and HAPPY NANOING!!!!
Jeremy 🙂

NanoWriMo DAY 2

Day 1 Recap:

I had a great time at the local kick-off party. I got a little over 2700 words written at the party. Then I went to work until about 1. After going to the gym, I got home and wrote about 600 more words before I realized I was just too tired to even keep my eyes open and coffee wasn’t helping.

I ended Day 1 with 3,438 words. So a days worth of words ahead.

My goal for Day 1 was 5,000 words. But I couldn’t quite get there. I wanted to but withe being up for the party and then going to work, it just didn’t happen.

Also, I had a plot sheet worked out for one of my short stories and I wrote one scene and one of my damn characters decided to hop in his car and go after character 2. He wasn’t supposed to go after C2. He was supposed to ‘run into’ C2 a few days later.

Now I am feeling a little unsure because I went with it. I went with his running after c2 and now I don’t know where I stand with the plot sheet I had. Things are out of order and from how they should have happened. I have skipped other scenes completely because I wasn’t sure how to work them back in.

I heard that week 2 was the ‘feeling unsure’ and ‘why did I do this’ week. I’m feeling that and it’s only day 2.

I think that since that stories run rampant from it’s plot, I am going to let it do what it wants and use the plot sheet to probably write a second version of that short story.

I just have to realize that I don’t have to follow my plot so closely and if I do deviate from it, that it’s alright.

DAY 2:

As of this writing, it is 2:47pm and I haven’t written anything other than this blog post. Which in and of itself is writing, so I am not going to beat myself up. I did just get off work about a half hour ago.

So, my goal for DAY 2 is 6,667. Since my goal for Day 1 was going to be 5,000, I am going to add 1,667 to that and shoot for 6,667 as my total for the end of the day.

With leaving Monday with 3,438, I only need another 3,229 words today to reach my goal. I know that as long as I stay focused and write, I will be able to make that goal.

I am also going to be participating in some virtual write-ins that were hosted yesterday on Youtube. I love that you can go back and view the live shows after they have been recorded.

So yeah, with write-ins and sprints, I should have absolutely no problem hitting my goal.

Jeremy 🙂

Why I Don’t Write

I wrote a blog entry a few weeks ago about ‘Why I Write‘. Now, I want to talk somewhat about why I don’t write. By that I mean, I write but I don’t write nearly as much as I would like. I would like to write everyday.

If I want to write everday, why don’t I?

When I sit down and think about the reasons why I don’t write, I think there are a few reasons why.

I feel scared that my writing is not good enough.
I know that this is an unreasonable reason not to write. My writing is my writing and I can only do my best.

I feel like because I am not making any money from my writing, it’s not a worthwhile endeavor.
This is an unreasonable reason not to write because if I am writing and enjoying myself, then that is what matters. It doesn’t matter that I am not making money and making a career out of my writing. What matters is that I have fun with it. I think ultimately this has to do with my guilt associated with my writing instilled in to me by my parents when I was a teenager.

Also, I have talked about this before in my To Delete or Not To Delete post about how I once felt guilty over my writing because of the LGBT nature of almost all of my writing. Now, I once physically destroyed some of my writing over my guilt. Now, I have not gone to that extreme in a very long time but I don’t write as much as I used to and I feel that that has to do with a small sense of guilt.

I am reading through self-help books and reading online as well to work through my guilt issues.

So my goal for this November is to write everyday. Even if it is just a sentence or a paragraph. A secondary goal is to learn to feel happy and wonderful and super and all other positive feelings about my writing.

So, over the last few weeks, part of my NanoPrep has been soul searching in a way as to why I write and my writing life in general.

But even so, I still do not why I don’t write more. The pleasure I get from writing is more than the unreasonably negative reasons why I don’t. I had a writing challenge fulfill the other day and I waited until the last day of the challenge. But when I started writing, I had such fun with it and even while I was writing it, I was thinking, “Why am I not writing more often. This is so much fun.”

But alas, as I have rambled long enough, I leave with you a wish for best of luck for a truly wonderful National Novel Writing Month to come.

Happy Writing,
Jeremy 🙂

What’s The Old Saying…?


Beggars can’t be choosy? I guess it’s right in what it says. I had asked for November 1st off as a personal day from work as I had one personal day alotment left and it had to be used by November 7th. So I figured, with participating in NanoWriMo this year, I would ask for the 1st off.

Now, two weeks before Nano, money has gotten a little bit tight and they asked me to work on the 1st. I so badly wanted to decline the offer but again, beggars can’t be choosy. So I will be working from 6am to 3pm on November 1st instead of staying up late the night before and beginning to work on my NanoNovel at midnight as I had hoped.

But that’s alright. So far, I haven’t had a November 1st off the entire time I have participated in Nano so it’s really not a big deal. Just a bit of wishful thinking.

It’ll all work out the way that it’s meant to.

Happy Writing,
Jeremy 🙂