Camp NanoWriMo Day 9 and 10

Current Word Count: 12,524

So, I decided that Endgame, the novel I am working on for Camp Nano is going to be more ‘novella’ sized so I downed my goal to only 30k for the month. This has put me back on track for the month instead of being far behind with my 50k goal.


I’m not going to stress over the word counts and goals too much. I am still going to try to get ahead of my goal and I still want to surpass 30k for the month but 30k is a good goal.

I also have another novella that I want to work on after this one. I might work on the other after I finish the first draft for Endgame.

But anywho, fixing to get on the road and head to a writing spot. Don’t know exactly where yet as it looks like it’s about to storm.

Goal For Today: 14,520! Let’s see if I can hit it!!!


Camp NanoWriMo Day 8

Current Word Count: 8,914

I didn’t get any writing done yesterday. I had good intentions but family issues pulled me away. Today, as soon as I post out this small blog post, I am going to sprint for 2 hours and see what I can come up with!


I hate that I haven’t written anything in almost a week but the small 66 words or so. But it’s okay. Tomorrow, when I get off work,

But, I won’t keep this post going longer. Gonna get a cup of tea and try to write this evening. Evening Goal: 2,000 words!!I am going to slink away to somewhere other than home and try to write as well.

Camp NanoWriMo Day 7

Current Word Count: 8914
Month’s Goal: 50,000
Today’s Goal: 14,516
Words Needed: 5,602

So I am currently behind on my goal for the month of July! Oh Boy!!!! I have written a sad 66 words since the 2nd. I started out super strong but alas, life has taken its toll again. A/C in my car went out. Had to put it in the shop. Dad went into the hospital day before yesterday.


Complications from a surgery he had in May. He’s good now. He’ll be getting out tomorrow some time!

Now I find out that a girl that works in my department at work is leaving and my store director is transferring stores. So work is a bit up in the air at the moment.

But I know there is no use worrying about things that are out of my control.

Today, when I get off work, gotta go help Mom get the camper packed up. Her and Dad were at the lake when he had to go back to the hospital.

Once the camper is done being packed up and such, I will be burning off to somewhere to write. Depending on the time we get finished, I might be going to Denny’s to eat and write for a few hours.

My goal for today is to get to 14,516. That means that I need a total of 5,602 words written today. I can do that. I wrote 6,206 words on Monday in just about 4.5 hours. So I can totally get the words I need for today to meet my goal!

I have got to get into the mind set of no matter what happens each day, I have to write. Even if I only sit down and write for just a 30 minute session, I have to write! I will be, going forward, making sure that if nothing else, I will write for at least 30 minutes each day!

Gonna shoot for #1k30min goals each day from now on!!

LGBT+ #Pride! What does it mean to you?

I was inspired by @Pup_Amp over on Twitter and Watts The Safeword by his post asking what #pride means to me/us! Check out his post by either clicking the link here or clicking the image below!

AmpsPostWhat does #pride mean to you? To me, it means not being ashamed of who you are! Even with people around you who look down on you and think you’re evil or wrong or a disappointment. Be you! Be proud of being you! You’re the only you there is!

As a culture, it means remembering those that have come before me to make it possible for me to be myself and for you to be yourself! History has shown us that being gay/LGBT, while still not completely acceptable today, was very much feared and seen as taboo in the past! It has taken decades to get to the point that we are at now and even still, people who identify as LGBT+, are seen as outsiders today.heart-1348870_960_720.png

It’s sad. It’s unfair. It’s downright disgusting that people, HUMAN BEINGS, have to live in fear that just because they love someone society sees as wrong, they will be shunned and discriminated against.

#LOVEISLOVE and people should be able to love who they want and not feel bad about it. Love is a beautiful thing. Not everyone experiences it in their life. That’s a sad thing to think that there are some people that do not have love in their lives. But that being said, if someone finds love, they shouldn’t have to fear that that love will cause them heartache from people they might not even know!

In short, love who you love and be who you are! There is only one you and YOU make the world a better place by being in it! Love those around you! Smile to someone, anyone! Smile at a stranger. It just might make their day!

What does #pride mean to you?
Let @Pup_Amp know as he was the inspiration for this post!


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Camp NanoWriMo – Day 4

Camp hasn’t been as exciting this year as it has been in the past. Why? I’m not a hundred percent sure why. I got time off from work. The first time ever, I actually have the first week of April off. My new job allowed me to actually take time off for me, for something I care about but so far I feel that I have slightly squandered the time. I have been doing quite a bit of reading.

But I shouldn’t be reading. I should be writing. I want to write but when I sit down to actually write, I can’t seem to.

This blog post is going rather well, if I do say so myself. I am writing this but when it comes to my actual novel, I can’t seem to get it done.

Maybe I need a change. Maybe I am finding this blog post easy. What’s different from this and my writing on my novel? I am using my Alphasmart on the front porch. My laptop is in my backpack. My desktop, obviously can’t be carried out on the porch!

So maybe tomorrow I will take my Alphasmart with me and see how that goes. I had planned on getting out today. I had planned on going to Starbucks or the college campus but neither of those things happened. I wound up reading for a better part of the day and then I took a nap. By the time that I got up, it was already 7pm. Too late to go anywhere.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I could have went somewhere but chose not to. I could have went to Denny’s or somewhere else that is open 24 hours but I didn’t.

Again, why? I’m not sure on that one either. I woke up with a headache and acid reflex.

But I still could have went somewhere and did something that I enjoy.

Trying to write at home is not always easy or conducive to a welcoming writing environment.

My parents don’t understand why I write. They think it is a waste of time. Always have, probably always will because I never plan on telling them when I actually do publish and make money from my writing.

Being a gay man, writing gay romance, they don’t understand the first part of that, they don’t care to understand the last part because it’s linked to the first.

Some might be asking, well if they don’t understand, explain it to them. Believe me, I have tried. It does no good. Even in this day and age, there are still some people who just do not want a gay child.

But anywho, I am going to end this here. Hope writing is going well for others. It’ll get better for me. Just gotta push through the slump I am in at the moment.

Day 3 Word Count – 38 written
Day 4 Word Count – Nothing yet other than this blog post! But there is still an hour left in the day!

Happy Nanoing! 🙂

BEDS Day 28 – Favorite Book Series

Blog Every Day in September

What is your favorite books series?

I’d have to say that my ultimate favorite would be the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. I grew up on the series. It was first published in 1997. I was only 10 at the time but I was hooked. The entire series is such a well crafted adventure. You can lose yourself in Hogwarts and Diagon Alley.

I remember first finding Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone at my school library and I was instantly taken to a magical world.

The characters were so easy to connect with. I was a school student and so were they. No I didn’t go to a school to learn to be a witch or a wizard but it was nice to be able to dream of a world like that.

What is your favorite book series?

Let me know in the comments section below.

BEDS Day 27 – Self-Run Promotions

Blog Every Day in September – Self Run Promotions

We are all in need of promotion as authors. Whether you’re writing a book or a web-based comic book, we all need to promote those endeavors.

So far, to promote my work or other’s work, I have three main locations.

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. WordPress

These three are great ways to promote. They are the most widely used social media networks but there are a lot more ways to promote as well.

Check out the 50 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Promote Your Book post online.

Do you have any ideas for ways of promoting your book?

Let me know in the comments section below.

BEDS Day 26 – Percolation

Blog Every Day in September – Percolation: Writing Before You Write!

Bonnie Goldberg’s book ‘Beyond The Words‘, talks about writing before you write, called percolation.

Some examples of percolation are thinking or daydreaming on your story or characters during your daily routine.

I do this quite a lot. I’ll be sitting in traffic and I’ll think about my characters sitting in traffic. How would they react to it? Would they be angry or would they act like it was no big deal?

Another example would be if you find an interesting name when going about your daily routine. Jot the name down and you could use it for a character one day.

What do you do to write before you write?

Let me know in the comments section below.

BEDS Day 25 – Outlining VS Not Outlining

Blog Every Day in September

Do you outline or not?

For me, it was always pantsing! I never outline. I never knew what was going to happen from point A to point Z. This usually caused stress and a mad-dash for the finish line at the end of Nanowrimo. I do most of my writing during November, at least in the past.

But now, I have learned the true benefit of outlining. That’s not to say, if you pants and things work well for you, then by all means, keep up the awesome job!

But for me, I started with three characters who were going to be my main characters and then I researched Character Sheets and I printed out a set for each of my three main characters. Working through those sheets, I found out things that pantsing would never have led me figure out.

Now, going into Nanowrimo, I will have a good bit of information about my characters.

After the character sheets, I found some plot outlining sheets. My plot always seems to lose steam and fall flat during the middle.

My next thing will be to create a sheet with every scene I could possibly use in the story. Some might not get used but they are there if I need them and for Nanowrimo, I will most likely write all of them and then cut what isn’t needed come December and January.

What do you do for novel planning? Do you do extensive outlines or do you pants the entire thing?

Let me know in the comments section below!

BEDS Day 23 – Nanowrimo Resources

Blog Every Day in September – Nanowrimo Resources

What are your favorite resources to have at hand for NanoWriMo?

NanoWriMo Calendars

On the outside of my Nanowrimo bible, I have a calendar. I’ve found a lot of calendars online. They might be from years past but I figure, there is always 30 days in November, so any calendar will work! I mostly use the calendars with different quotes or motivation sayings on them.

Doing a simple Bing Image search can get you a good number of calendars to use for Nanowrimo.

Word Count Trackers

Another resource I use are online trackers. One site I checkout is Svenja Gosen’s page. There are some amazingly done trackers. Some are based on themes.

There are Yearly trackers as well as ones specifically set up for Nanowrimo.

NanoWriMo Pep Talks

Pep talks can always come in handy. Most are from professional writers who are offering encouragement to keep moving forward towards completing your novel or short story.

The official Nanowrimo website has a page dedicated completely to Pep Talks.

Youtube is also a great resource for Nanowrimo Pep Talks. Check out a simple search for people offering up inspiration and encouragement.

What are you favorite Nanowrimo resources? Let me know in the comments section below.