LGBT+ #Pride! What does it mean to you?

I was inspired by @Pup_Amp over on Twitter and Watts The Safeword by his post asking what #pride means to me/us! Check out his post by either clicking the link here or clicking the image below!

AmpsPostWhat does #pride mean to you? To me, it means not being ashamed of who you are! Even with people around you who look down on you and think you’re evil or wrong or a disappointment. Be you! Be proud of being you! You’re the only you there is!

As a culture, it means remembering those that have come before me to make it possible for me to be myself and for you to be yourself! History has shown us that being gay/LGBT, while still not completely acceptable today, was very much feared and seen as taboo in the past! It has taken decades to get to the point that we are at now and even still, people who identify as LGBT+, are seen as outsiders today.heart-1348870_960_720.png

It’s sad. It’s unfair. It’s downright disgusting that people, HUMAN BEINGS, have to live in fear that just because they love someone society sees as wrong, they will be shunned and discriminated against.

#LOVEISLOVE and people should be able to love who they want and not feel bad about it. Love is a beautiful thing. Not everyone experiences it in their life. That’s a sad thing to think that there are some people that do not have love in their lives. But that being said, if someone finds love, they shouldn’t have to fear that that love will cause them heartache from people they might not even know!

In short, love who you love and be who you are! There is only one you and YOU make the world a better place by being in it! Love those around you! Smile to someone, anyone! Smile at a stranger. It just might make their day!

What does #pride mean to you?
Let @Pup_Amp know as he was the inspiration for this post!


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