Camp NanoWriMo – Day 6

So, it hasn’t started out as a very productive month for me! But that’s alright. I am pushing forward. I have a local overnight write in that I am attending and hosting


tonight. This cute little coffee shop a town over, owned by this nice older lady who has graciously allowed us to take over her cafe tonight from 9pm to 3am. She always takes such interest in our writing endeavors and she makes us all feel like we’re at home when we are there.

So I plan on cranking out a few thousand words tonight. Hopefully! I will be making notes of what I want to work on and things like that and hopefully that will help me to stay focused and get the words written.

Stay tuned for another post early early in the morning or mid day tomorrow after I sleep. I will be posting pictures of our write-in, word count updates and any prompts I might have given out during the write-in!

Happy Nanoing! Happy Writing! 🙂