BEDS Day 13 – Real Life Situations

Blog Every Day in September – Real Life Situations

If you write in the fantasy or sci-fi genre, this might not be as relevant but in a novel or short story set in your everyday world, this can be quite relevant.Image result for traffic violation

Today on my way home, I started thinking about real life occurrences. Two things in particular came to mind.

  1. Traffic Tickets
  2. Visiting loved ones in the hospital

Some might think that these things are minuscule in the larger plot of their novel but if you think about it, situations like those happen in real life and they shouldn’t be overlooked in fiction either.

Sure it might be tricky to work in a traffic ticket but what if, for instance, your character is on the way to see a loved one in the hospital and then they’re detained by the cops?

Or in a high-stakes, intense novel, your character has a specific amount of time to complete a challenge, something as simple as a traffic ticket can definitely cause an issue and become a greater obstacle for the character.

Image result for hospitalAnother real life issue that comes to mind now is something tiny: stubbing one’s toe on the bed corner.

What if your character was trying to sneak out of the bedroom of a one night stand and they stubbed their toe and woke up the other person.

Small, everyday occurrences can add real life depth to a story.

Do you overlook these small details in your writing or do you embrace them as a great way to connect with your readers?

Let me know in the comments section below!


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