BEDS Day 9 – Writing Roots

What are your roots when it comes to your writing? Where did you start?

For me, I started writing when I was 14. I started by writing fan fiction, horribly bad fan fiction.

I gradually moved into original fiction. That’s not to say that I don’t write fan fiction every now and again.

My roots were fan fiction. I get nostalgic at times and want to go back to my roots.

What were your roots? Do you get nostalgic for the days when you first started?

Let me know your roots down in the comments section below!


4 thoughts on “BEDS Day 9 – Writing Roots

  1. I think it was fanfiction for me too! At least for writing that I took seriously, I must have started half a dozen novels as a child that never got finished.. 😊


  2. My best friend and I tried to write a book when I was in the 5th grade, about the two of us and two of our friends being trapped in a fantasy world. We never finished it, because I moved away.

    I still have what we wrote somewhere… but mister burns has promised to burn all my journals and unpublished writing when I die, so no one will ever see how awful it is.


  3. I started writing fanfiction when I was 11. My first was the sequel to a video game called Grim Fandango, and I’m pretty sure it was terrible 🙂
    I only started writing original stuff in the past few years, and even then one of my stories in progress is about Merlin and Arthur, and has basis in Arthurian Legend 🙂
    I still dabble in fanfic from time to time too. I find it fun to write about other characters sometimes, and a nice break from the pressure of original writing!


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