Merry Christmas, Cowboy

christmasgiftsuggestions So, Tamara over at the WriteStuff Google Group issued us another awesome challenge. Her challenge follows as such:


Your mission- if you choose to accept it:

Write a short story about a holiday that either brings a couple together, or tears them apart. The holiday can be any of your choosing. Let’s keep it closer to flash fiction with under 2,000 word limit. 

Be sure to share the link to your story in this event page, read each others’ work, comment, and share!


I simply love these challenges, especially around the holidays. The fall and winter holidays are always my favorite because I am more of  fall/winter person.

So, without further ado, on to my contribution for this wonderful challenge.


He walked through the door of the house and stopped dead in his tracks. From the outside, it looked as if nothing was out of the ordinary but stepping through the door way, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

The tree was decorated and there were presents underneath. The stairs were decorated with green garland and twinkling white lights. The house even smelled of the holidays. Maybe there was a pie in the oven or even just a candle burning but he could smell the apples and cinnamon floating through the air.

Dropping his bag on the floor at the door, he walked through the house to the kitchen, discarding layers of warm clothing as he did.

Only one person could have set this up but he still saw no one, even as he entered the kitchen.

He smiled when he saw a pie cooling on the counter with a note next to it.

Saw you pull in the drive. Save the pie for later. C’mon up stairs, Cowboy. It’s been too damn long.

It had been too long. Taking the stairs two at a time, he was thankful he didn’t break his neck as he stripped completely out of his clothes before entering the bedroom to see his lover lying on the bed wrapped in a giant red ribbon.

“Best damn present I could come home to,” he said, climbing up on the bed. “Merry Christmas, Darlin’.”

“Merry Christmas, Cowboy.”


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