Last Day of Nano-2015

So today is the very last day of November. Which means it is also the last day of NanoWriMo 2015. I’m totally psyched that I got to 50,083 words. I am going to one last write-in tonight so I’ll be putting in a few more hours of writing and getting a few more words in but I won and that’s totally awesome.

Now, with that being said, I won yes but I am glad that November is over. It is highly stressful needing to write 1,667 words a day. Not to say that it isn’t doable. I did it and you can too. But my side goal, really my ultimate goal, was to get into the habit of writing every day and I succeeded in that as well.

For Nano, I did a collection of short stories. None of them are finished yet as I would skip around and go back and forth to keep the interest up to be able to finish 50k in 30 days.

But now that the month is over, I am going to slowly work on finishing them up and then going back and editing them as well.

I am considering using FastPencil to get a free hard copy of my novel. Even if I don’t go back and publish, it would be totally wicked to have a physical copy of something I have written.

Not sure what it all entales but I think if it’s not too complicated, I would really like to have a copy I could show off to friends and family.

Another thing that has come from this November has been my branching out to original fiction. What I mean by that is that most of my writing in the past has been Fan Fiction. I take other creators characters and write about them in new situations and places. It’s always been something I have greatly enjoyed, especially if a show has been cancelled. You can write new adventures for the characters.

But my very last short story of this month, I was sitting at Barnes and Noble and I saw a prompt for “darkness”. Taking that prompt, I wrote a man walking down a dark forest path in the middle of the night. This character could easily have been one I had used from other shows in the past but instead, I decided to not give him an identity. Not until he was walking down the past, trying to decide if he should just turn back and head the way he came. But he decided to venture on and he came across a man standing in the middle of the past.

“What’s your name, young one,” the man asked.

“My name?”

“Yes. Your name. You do have one, do you not?” the man asked, his hand moving to touch the young man’s cheek.

That’s when I gave him a name. Now, this name was actually a name of a guy at the Cafe where I was sitting but it was a name I hadn’t heard often so it seemed interesting.

“C. . . Conrad.”

“Mmmm. Conrad. Brave and loyal. What are you doing out so late, Conrad?”

Now, this might seem odd taken out of context. The man touching the other man’s cheek in the middle of the woods but there’s more to this than what I have shared here but you get the gist.

But this was so exhilarating. I was creating a set of characters and a world was starting to form. In the past I had always used pre-made characters and worlds I already knew.

Now I was creating my own. I was becoming a more in depth writer. A writer I had always wanted to be.

Not to say that there is anything wrong with Fan Fiction. I love it. I will always read it and probably always write it as well. But I am looking to the future now, and I could see myself being published professionally one day and that is something so new and exciting to me.

But alas, I have rambled on for over 600 words right now.

I bid you farewell and safe journeys,
Happy Writing,
Jeremy 🙂


5 thoughts on “Last Day of Nano-2015

    • I plan on slowly editing through the next month. One of the perks of winning Nano is that you get a free hard copy of your book through of their sponsors. So, even if I don’t publish professionally, I still wouldn’t mind having just 1 copy that I can say I did that.


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