NanoWriMo Day 4

Day 3 Recap:

So, I ended Day 3 with 7,717 words. Not bad for Day 3. My goal for Day 3 was going to be 8,334 but I was just too tired last to finish those 600 words.

I am tired even now as I write this. I worked all night Tuesday night and have been up for almost 24 hours in just about a half an hour. Now, that being said, on to. . .

DAY 4:

My goal for today was 10,002 words to put me two days ahead. My end count as I am about to get into bed is 10,058 words. So I am actually 56 words ahead of my personal goal for today. I am totally excited that I am so far ahead and I am going to work very hard on keeping up this pace and keep up my goal of writing everyday as well.

I didn’t accomplish that goal during Camp in July as I had wanted but that’s alright. I am trying again and so far, I have written everyday and I am feeling good about it as well.

So, as I can hardly keep my eyes open, I bid you sweet dreams and ever flowing words on paper (or computer screen).

Happy Writing to all and have a wonderful DAY 5 tomorrow and I will see you back here for DAY 5 Blog tomorrow.

Jeremy 🙂

PS: Kill your inner editor. I am finding it very enlightening to not stop and edit as I go. It is time saving. Once I hit my goal for the day, I will sometimes go back and look for spelling and such but other than that, I don’t edit yet.



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