NanoWriMo Day 3

Day 2 Recap:

My goal for Day 2 was 6,667 words. Sadly, I did not reach that goal as I was just too tired to write after getting off work.

Day 2 Count: 5,305. So I was about 1300 words shy of my goal. But that’s alright. I wrote and that is what matters most.

Day 3:

Word count goal, since I didn’t meet my Day 2 goal was going to be 8,334 to make up for the words I didn’t get on Day 2. Again, I have not met that goal either and I have to be in bed, like right now, to be at work at 11pm tonight.

So, my word count for day 3: 2,412 words for the day and a total wc of 7,717. So, for the official word count of Nano, I am 2,716 words ahead of where I minimally had to be. So, that is really awesome and I am going to keep up the pace as I move along.

Now, one thing I want to mention is that when I did camp Nano back in July, Monday through Wednesdays were always my hardest days to write because they are my busiest days at work. So, for me to have written so much on a Tuesday where I had only planned on Tuesday being like 500 word days, is really amazing.

I have been having moments where I get a little discouraged and such but that’s alright. I just have to remind myself that I am writing and even if I don’t meet a goal, I am writing and that is most important.

Now, to make up for my missing my personal goal today, my word count goal for tomorrow will be:

DAY 4 GOAL: 10,002 WORDS. I am shooting to be two days ahead of the official Nano word count goal. So, that means for tomorrow, I need to write 2,285 words.

I am thinking of going to a local write in at a Starbucks in the morning, so maybe I will be able to pound out some amazing word counts during that couple hour session.

But as it gets later and later, I lost that much more sleep time which is not conducive to writing for me.

Jeremy 🙂

PS: Have a wonderful day and don’t let a missed goal get you down!


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