NanoWriMo DAY 2

Day 1 Recap:

I had a great time at the local kick-off party. I got a little over 2700 words written at the party. Then I went to work until about 1. After going to the gym, I got home and wrote about 600 more words before I realized I was just too tired to even keep my eyes open and coffee wasn’t helping.

I ended Day 1 with 3,438 words. So a days worth of words ahead.

My goal for Day 1 was 5,000 words. But I couldn’t quite get there. I wanted to but withe being up for the party and then going to work, it just didn’t happen.

Also, I had a plot sheet worked out for one of my short stories and I wrote one scene and one of my damn characters decided to hop in his car and go after character 2. He wasn’t supposed to go after C2. He was supposed to ‘run into’ C2 a few days later.

Now I am feeling a little unsure because I went with it. I went with his running after c2 and now I don’t know where I stand with the plot sheet I had. Things are out of order and from how they should have happened. I have skipped other scenes completely because I wasn’t sure how to work them back in.

I heard that week 2 was the ‘feeling unsure’ and ‘why did I do this’ week. I’m feeling that and it’s only day 2.

I think that since that stories run rampant from it’s plot, I am going to let it do what it wants and use the plot sheet to probably write a second version of that short story.

I just have to realize that I don’t have to follow my plot so closely and if I do deviate from it, that it’s alright.

DAY 2:

As of this writing, it is 2:47pm and I haven’t written anything other than this blog post. Which in and of itself is writing, so I am not going to beat myself up. I did just get off work about a half hour ago.

So, my goal for DAY 2 is 6,667. Since my goal for Day 1 was going to be 5,000, I am going to add 1,667 to that and shoot for 6,667 as my total for the end of the day.

With leaving Monday with 3,438, I only need another 3,229 words today to reach my goal. I know that as long as I stay focused and write, I will be able to make that goal.

I am also going to be participating in some virtual write-ins that were hosted yesterday on Youtube. I love that you can go back and view the live shows after they have been recorded.

So yeah, with write-ins and sprints, I should have absolutely no problem hitting my goal.

Jeremy 🙂


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