Last Day of Nano-2015

So today is the very last day of November. Which means it is also the last day of NanoWriMo 2015. I’m totally psyched that I got to 50,083 words. I am going to one last write-in tonight so I’ll be putting in a few more hours of writing and getting a few more words in but I won and that’s totally awesome.

Now, with that being said, I won yes but I am glad that November is over. It is highly stressful needing to write 1,667 words a day. Not to say that it isn’t doable. I did it and you can too. But my side goal, really my ultimate goal, was to get into the habit of writing every day and I succeeded in that as well.

For Nano, I did a collection of short stories. None of them are finished yet as I would skip around and go back and forth to keep the interest up to be able to finish 50k in 30 days.

But now that the month is over, I am going to slowly work on finishing them up and then going back and editing them as well.

I am considering using FastPencil to get a free hard copy of my novel. Even if I don’t go back and publish, it would be totally wicked to have a physical copy of something I have written.

Not sure what it all entales but I think if it’s not too complicated, I would really like to have a copy I could show off to friends and family.

Another thing that has come from this November has been my branching out to original fiction. What I mean by that is that most of my writing in the past has been Fan Fiction. I take other creators characters and write about them in new situations and places. It’s always been something I have greatly enjoyed, especially if a show has been cancelled. You can write new adventures for the characters.

But my very last short story of this month, I was sitting at Barnes and Noble and I saw a prompt for “darkness”. Taking that prompt, I wrote a man walking down a dark forest path in the middle of the night. This character could easily have been one I had used from other shows in the past but instead, I decided to not give him an identity. Not until he was walking down the past, trying to decide if he should just turn back and head the way he came. But he decided to venture on and he came across a man standing in the middle of the past.

“What’s your name, young one,” the man asked.

“My name?”

“Yes. Your name. You do have one, do you not?” the man asked, his hand moving to touch the young man’s cheek.

That’s when I gave him a name. Now, this name was actually a name of a guy at the Cafe where I was sitting but it was a name I hadn’t heard often so it seemed interesting.

“C. . . Conrad.”

“Mmmm. Conrad. Brave and loyal. What are you doing out so late, Conrad?”

Now, this might seem odd taken out of context. The man touching the other man’s cheek in the middle of the woods but there’s more to this than what I have shared here but you get the gist.

But this was so exhilarating. I was creating a set of characters and a world was starting to form. In the past I had always used pre-made characters and worlds I already knew.

Now I was creating my own. I was becoming a more in depth writer. A writer I had always wanted to be.

Not to say that there is anything wrong with Fan Fiction. I love it. I will always read it and probably always write it as well. But I am looking to the future now, and I could see myself being published professionally one day and that is something so new and exciting to me.

But alas, I have rambled on for over 600 words right now.

I bid you farewell and safe journeys,
Happy Writing,
Jeremy 🙂


NanoWriMo Day 12

So, I haven’t posted a NanoWriMo blog in a few days and I am very disappointed in myself about that. I had a few goals this month and one was to post everyday. But real life got in the way with long work shifts and being almost too tired to write at all. Now, I will say, I did get my Nano writing done and I had to choose between that and blog posting and Nano writing was going to win hands down.

But as for my planning outline, I have pantsed in the past and this year I had a pretty good outline going for one of my short stories (i’m doing a short story collection this year) and I had thought that that one short story itself would be about 8 to 10 thousand words but right off the bat, the characters decided to take control, which isn’t bad in and of itself but my inner voice kept saying you’re not following your outline. Also, my characters kinda ended the story at about 4 thousand words instead of 8/10 as I had wanted.

So to get my groove back these two days, I am going to be working on changing my inner voice to be accepting of letting my characters completely lead my story, even if it thinks their leading the story into a wall or something.

I also need to create a loose outline for a few more of my short stories to at least not have a sinking/drowning feeling going on before I sit down to write.

I am still have a great time as I am writing everyday. Yesterday wasn’t as productive as I had wanted. I didn’t actually write anything short story related other than I did write down some prompts. I’m going to count that as my daily writing as it was only 24 words but I am focusing on writing everyday.

But I’ve rambled on long enough.

Happy Writing and HAPPY NANOING!!!!
Jeremy 🙂

NanoWriMo Day 6

So, for Day 5, I wound up only writing about 800 words. But that is completely okay. I wrote and that is what matters as I am trying to get a habit built of writing everyday.

Now, for Day 6, I wrote 1,271 words and I am up to 12,066 words total.

Tomorrow, Saturday, November 7th is Double Donation Day at NanoWriMo HQ and it is also Double Your Word Count Day. Now, my word count is 12,000 (to make doubling easier). So double that would 24,000 words by Saturday at 11:59OM. That is another 12,000 words. That is quite a hefty feat. Now, I’m not sure if that is what people mean by Double Your Word Count. It could also mean double the daily goal of 1667 to 3334. Now that would be much more attainable  Now that is not to say that 12,000 words in one day is not possible. If I get in the flow, I could possibly do that if I didn’t have to work tomorrow.

I’m not a hundred percent sure of what my writing goal for tomorrow may be. I am leaning towards 3334 as that will put me over the 15,000 word mark and that in and of itself would be totally awesome.

I’ll be thinking more on this while I am work tomorrow and also working on gathering up some new ideas for short stories. I really didn’t plan all of this out when I was thinking of doing a collection of short stories. I really should have had a list of at least 30 short stories but I didn’t. I only had about 7 or 8 going into the first of the month and I have about used those up.

Well, later for now and Happy Writing to ALL!!!
Jeremy 🙂

NanoWriMo Day 5

So, yesterday I reached my personal goal of 10,002 words. I went to bed last night with 10,058 words for day 4. So totally awesome. I’m two days ahead.

Now, today for Day 5, I have been a total bum and it’s 8:32pm and I haven’t written anything.

I still plan on writing tonight. I’m going to totally kick myself if I don’t.

So I’ll keep this short and move over to my Novel Document.

Happy Writing and Happy Day 6 of Nano to All,
Jeremy 🙂

NanoWriMo Day 4

Day 3 Recap:

So, I ended Day 3 with 7,717 words. Not bad for Day 3. My goal for Day 3 was going to be 8,334 but I was just too tired last to finish those 600 words.

I am tired even now as I write this. I worked all night Tuesday night and have been up for almost 24 hours in just about a half an hour. Now, that being said, on to. . .

DAY 4:

My goal for today was 10,002 words to put me two days ahead. My end count as I am about to get into bed is 10,058 words. So I am actually 56 words ahead of my personal goal for today. I am totally excited that I am so far ahead and I am going to work very hard on keeping up this pace and keep up my goal of writing everyday as well.

I didn’t accomplish that goal during Camp in July as I had wanted but that’s alright. I am trying again and so far, I have written everyday and I am feeling good about it as well.

So, as I can hardly keep my eyes open, I bid you sweet dreams and ever flowing words on paper (or computer screen).

Happy Writing to all and have a wonderful DAY 5 tomorrow and I will see you back here for DAY 5 Blog tomorrow.

Jeremy 🙂

PS: Kill your inner editor. I am finding it very enlightening to not stop and edit as I go. It is time saving. Once I hit my goal for the day, I will sometimes go back and look for spelling and such but other than that, I don’t edit yet.


NanoWriMo Day 3

Day 2 Recap:

My goal for Day 2 was 6,667 words. Sadly, I did not reach that goal as I was just too tired to write after getting off work.

Day 2 Count: 5,305. So I was about 1300 words shy of my goal. But that’s alright. I wrote and that is what matters most.

Day 3:

Word count goal, since I didn’t meet my Day 2 goal was going to be 8,334 to make up for the words I didn’t get on Day 2. Again, I have not met that goal either and I have to be in bed, like right now, to be at work at 11pm tonight.

So, my word count for day 3: 2,412 words for the day and a total wc of 7,717. So, for the official word count of Nano, I am 2,716 words ahead of where I minimally had to be. So, that is really awesome and I am going to keep up the pace as I move along.

Now, one thing I want to mention is that when I did camp Nano back in July, Monday through Wednesdays were always my hardest days to write because they are my busiest days at work. So, for me to have written so much on a Tuesday where I had only planned on Tuesday being like 500 word days, is really amazing.

I have been having moments where I get a little discouraged and such but that’s alright. I just have to remind myself that I am writing and even if I don’t meet a goal, I am writing and that is most important.

Now, to make up for my missing my personal goal today, my word count goal for tomorrow will be:

DAY 4 GOAL: 10,002 WORDS. I am shooting to be two days ahead of the official Nano word count goal. So, that means for tomorrow, I need to write 2,285 words.

I am thinking of going to a local write in at a Starbucks in the morning, so maybe I will be able to pound out some amazing word counts during that couple hour session.

But as it gets later and later, I lost that much more sleep time which is not conducive to writing for me.

Jeremy 🙂

PS: Have a wonderful day and don’t let a missed goal get you down!

NanoWriMo DAY 2

Day 1 Recap:

I had a great time at the local kick-off party. I got a little over 2700 words written at the party. Then I went to work until about 1. After going to the gym, I got home and wrote about 600 more words before I realized I was just too tired to even keep my eyes open and coffee wasn’t helping.

I ended Day 1 with 3,438 words. So a days worth of words ahead.

My goal for Day 1 was 5,000 words. But I couldn’t quite get there. I wanted to but withe being up for the party and then going to work, it just didn’t happen.

Also, I had a plot sheet worked out for one of my short stories and I wrote one scene and one of my damn characters decided to hop in his car and go after character 2. He wasn’t supposed to go after C2. He was supposed to ‘run into’ C2 a few days later.

Now I am feeling a little unsure because I went with it. I went with his running after c2 and now I don’t know where I stand with the plot sheet I had. Things are out of order and from how they should have happened. I have skipped other scenes completely because I wasn’t sure how to work them back in.

I heard that week 2 was the ‘feeling unsure’ and ‘why did I do this’ week. I’m feeling that and it’s only day 2.

I think that since that stories run rampant from it’s plot, I am going to let it do what it wants and use the plot sheet to probably write a second version of that short story.

I just have to realize that I don’t have to follow my plot so closely and if I do deviate from it, that it’s alright.

DAY 2:

As of this writing, it is 2:47pm and I haven’t written anything other than this blog post. Which in and of itself is writing, so I am not going to beat myself up. I did just get off work about a half hour ago.

So, my goal for DAY 2 is 6,667. Since my goal for Day 1 was going to be 5,000, I am going to add 1,667 to that and shoot for 6,667 as my total for the end of the day.

With leaving Monday with 3,438, I only need another 3,229 words today to reach my goal. I know that as long as I stay focused and write, I will be able to make that goal.

I am also going to be participating in some virtual write-ins that were hosted yesterday on Youtube. I love that you can go back and view the live shows after they have been recorded.

So yeah, with write-ins and sprints, I should have absolutely no problem hitting my goal.

Jeremy 🙂