Christmas Coming Early!!

Christmas in October! lol

Do you remember that sense of excitement and wonderment from when you were a child and Christmas tomorrow and you had to be in bed because Santa was going to come and bring you wonderful presents?

Do you remember how when you were little and your face would light up at the sight of a Christmas tree and decorations? Do you remember how you couldn’t seem to stop smiling and you had a happy feeling deep inside you that no one could shake no matter what?

Well, that’s what it has been like for me the last two weeks. Since it became October and NanoWriMo 2015 is getting to be that much closer, it has been like waking up on Christmas morning and smelling the food cooking and seeing the decorations and seeing all the presents and such.

That’s why I say Christmas is coming soon. I have done NanoWriMo for 4 years this year but I have to say that this year is the first time that I have ever felt this way. Maybe I’m in a new, better place in my life at this moment. I’m learning to enjoy life more and let the negativities of life just wash off me.

I’m gathering my Nano survival kit which I will discuss in a blog post later this week sometime because I think I have finally finished getting it all together. I’m outlining my novel this year. Something that I have never, ever done in the past. Up to this point, I have been a tried and true pantser but I want to try the outline this year and just see how it works for me.

I’ve been scouting out locations to write. Just today I came across a creek out on the backroads where people go to fish but it has a beautiful level area where I am hopefully planning on taking a chair and a notepad and will be able to write while I enjoy the sounds of the river flowing.

I’ve also been scouting out locations for inspiration for different scenes in my novel. This was an idea I got from QuotidianLight. The video I found her location scouting has been set to private as she is in the process of publishing the novel that the video was shot about but I will say that it is very interesting and helpful to have a place in mind when you are writing. It gives you the ability to describe things better.

But I won’t ramble on any longer. Have a wonderful day all and HAPPY WRITING!
Jeremy 🙂


4 thoughts on “Christmas Coming Early!!

  1. I feel the same way about the approach of NaNo! For the past month and a half, I’ve been walking around the house singing, “NaNoWriMo’s comin’, NaNoWriMo’s comin’!” to the tune of the “Santa packs are coming” old TV Coca-Cola commercials. And I think I’m more excited (or maybe just excited a lot earlier) this year than ever too.

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    • It’s funny that this year has been so much more exciting than past years. I think it has a lot to do with that last July, I participated in CampNano and it was during that Camp that I started thinking about why I write in the first place and just between then and now, I have had such a rejuvenation in my writing that it’s exhilarating.

      I haven’t watched the video yet but I did come across the other day of a NanoWriMo song. There’s actually quite a few different versions and videos out there at

      Jeremy 🙂


      • I think it’s a variety of reasons for me, but mostly because I’ve been revising all year. I’m looking forward to a month of writing something new, a break from the revision.

        I may be biased, but these are my favorite NaNoWriMo songs: (hopefully WordPress won’t flag me as a spammer). Also, if you haven’t watched the NaNoMusical yet, you definitely should. I won’t post another link to further temp WP, but a simple search should bring it up quickly.

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        • Thanks. I’ll definitely check that out tomorrow. Gonna work all night. First night back after vacation and I’m gonna see if the joy that is NanoWriMo will keep me calm and happy with working with a boss that is shall we say slightly confrontational. Plus I’ll have the link to check out. Thanks for sharing and have a great evening.

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