To Delete or Not To Delete

That is not a question!!


Myself and SamanthaJayneX were talking about our thoughts of our own writings and such and getting rid of things. I’m not just talking about deleting a word or two here and there. I’m talking about taking an entire draft and deleting it entirely.

I personally have done this in the past. There was only one time when I actually destroyed something I had written. When I was in high school, my parents became aware of my sexual orientation and it was not a happy time at home. Now, my writing was and always will be of an LGBT nature. In high school, when verbal hostilities hit an all time high, I took an entire notebook worth of my writing and I went off in the backwoods of our property and set the notebook on fire.


Kind of extreme, I know but I felt such a strong sense of guilt over my writing that I thought I had to completely and entirely get rid of it. Looking back on it now, I know that that is a completely false feeling but I once suffered from a very strong sense of guilt because of my sexuality.

It actually wasn’t until I was 26/27 that I really began to realize that I didn’t need to feel guilty because of my being gay and that because my parents did not like it, that was their feelings and I shouldn’t let that determine how I felt and how I lived my life.

As of late, I am learning to truly live my life for me and not let others feelings determine how I feel about myself.

That being said, do I still at times feel that my writing is not good? Of course. But it’s from an editor perspective. My words might not be the correct words or my sentences might run on. But I have been told by numerous NanoWriMo participants to not delete anything. Strike-through is your friend, especially during NanoWriMo.

You may not like the sentence or even the paragraph or maybe you don’t like anything of what you have written but you wrote it. You took the time to write it and as you were writing, you hopefully enjoyed what you were writing. Don’t delete it. Use the strike-through button instead. Using strike-through will allow you to rewrite what you might not like without losing those words written.

Even to this day, I still have never even attempted to re-write those stories that I lost almost 15 years ago. I have thought about it but never have done it. Maybe for this years LGBT themed short story collection that I am doing for NanoWriMo, I might just attempt to recreate those stories.

Jeremy 🙂


3 thoughts on “To Delete or Not To Delete

  1. I’ve found that if the bits are too terrible even for strikethrough, moving it to a different document and saving it there works too; I just have to remember to add it to my wordcount when I’m doing NaNoWriMo.

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  2. At least you are learning to live with yourself now! And we all have that moment, where we go ‘oh my work is shit’ and then a few days later we change our minds again 😀

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