People Watching – Creepy or Inspirational?

As of late I have been trying to slow my life down. It always fast-pased. Everyone is always on the go. From home to work, work to home.

But lately I have been trying to take a break from the rush, rush, rush to just stop and observe. I’ve heard from other sources that people watching can be a great source of information for character development.

What better way to creat well rounded characters than to take real life people who are fleshed out and real and use that as inspiration for you own characters?

My most recent watching session, I was at the public library, on the second floor by a window, watching people walk by on the sidewalk outside.

Below, on a bench, I saw an older man, dark skin but not African American. Not sure of nationality but he was talking to a Caucasian female with red hair and glasses. She looked to be in her early to mid forties.

But as they were talking, the man removed his top shirt and put on another shirt from a dirty looking backpack. Through this obvservation I began thinking, is this man homeless? His backpack suggest that this might be a possibility. It was later in the day and it was going to be a little chilly out that night once the sun set. Was that why he was changing his shirt to a long sleeve shirt? Because he was going to be living outside at night?

Then I got to thinking, maybe he was an artist as I saw him with a pad and a mark in his hand as he talked to the lady.

Either of which scenarios gives great inspiration. For the homeless character, why is he homeless? What has led him to this point in his life?

For the artist character, does he travel around, talking to people about his art? Is he retired and he spends his days around the downtown area, just talking to the youger generations?

It’s only been the last few months that I have started really taking a rejuvenated interest in my writing.

For the longest, my writing self has been kind of in a funk as it were. My muse was missing and I couldn’t sit down to write anything other than small snippets of journal entries and such.

But lately, with the help of Nanowrimo Camp in July and all the wonderful videos on Youtube from Nanowrimo’s past, I am slowly but surely getting my writing self back to the happy, pleasure filled self that it was.

Happy Writing,
Jeremy 🙂

PS: Remember, stop and watch people as they pass by, you might just get a great character out of it.


One thought on “People Watching – Creepy or Inspirational?

  1. Love people watching. Malls, bookstores and park benches are all great watching spots. Take a notebook to jot down thoughts and ideas. The local cafe b.s. table is also a treat. The old timers love an audience.


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