Write Time, Write Playlist

Do you listen to music while you write? Do you like absolute silence while you write?

Me personally, I think it depends on where I’m at. If I’m home and the rest of the family is home and making their noises and going about their business, I do like to listen to music.

But if I’m at a coffee shop, I tend to people listen more often. Snippets of a conversation can make for interesting dialogue in a story or they can create an entirely new plot bunny.

When I do listen to music while I write, I tend to like more non-lyrical music. That way I am not distracted by the words. I have lately been listening to either coffee shop sounds and rain sounds. I don’t always have a chance to get out to the Starbucks to write so low and behold, there are coffee shop sounds on Youtube.

Also, a new one I found but haven’t used completely yet is typing sounds. It’s interesting because if you listen to it and write, it’s kind of like being in one of the Nanowrimo Write-ins. Everyone clacking away at their keyboards and writing towards that 50,000 word goal together.

Below are the links I am actualling listening to this month. I will most definitely be gathering more links when it gets closer to Nano.

1 Hour Coffee Shop Noises

2 Hour Rain Noise

1 Hour Classical Music Mix

6 Hours of the best Beethoven

Typing Sounds for Relaxation

What do you listen to during Nanowrimo and any other writing as well?

Happy Writing,
Jeremy 🙂


7 thoughts on “Write Time, Write Playlist

  1. I have a base Writing Playlist that includes lots of what would be called ambient music I suppose? Sarah McLachlan, Tori Amos (1000 Oceans and the like), October Project, lots of movie and game soundtracks. I also have a playlist on YouTube that’s quite similar, but sometimes I’ll have lists for certain parts. I had a train scene that I wrote/edited while listening to Frank Sinatra’s “I Thought About You,” and wintry scenes will often be penned with the Frozen Soundtrack (especially that opening song, Vuelie). If a song does have lyrics they’ll often just fade into the background when I’m in the zone, but sometimes I’ll turn the music down to barely audible levels if necessary. Whew I’m long winded lol. I have a blog post for just this very thing that I’ll eventually put up 😊


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