Why I Write

I have been struggling with how to start this. Why struggle? I’m not sure. Is it because I don’t know what to say? That’s true in a way. I have an idea why I write but some might think it an unimportant reason to write.

I don’t write for others first. I write first for me and then later for others. My writing started when I was 14. It started out with very bad Star Trek: Voyager fan fiction. It was all written in 1st Person, which isn’t a bad thing but it was kind of like I was writing myself into the show. I wasn’t. I wrote from the perspective of Captain Janeway.

I don’t know why exactly I thought it was so bad but I do know that it was my first attempt at writing. I see that the dialogue wasn’t all that realistic. There wasn’t much dialogue. It was completely and utterly Out of Character.

But even back then, 14 years ago in 2001, I was writing for me and for the fun and enjoyment of writing.

When I first in high school, in 2002, I began to write LGBT romance. Being a gay man, it was what I wanted to read and I started reading M/M romance at a young age. It was reading this genre that I began writing my own stories based on a guy I actually had a crush on in high school.

It was never published as it hit very close to home as it was a personal narrative but I could churn out page after page as it used personal experiences to write from.

Then one day, I stumbled upon slash fiction and that became a great source of writing enjoyment for me. It gave me the ability to take the beautiful characters that I was seeing on TV and write my own stories based around them. Through reading slash fiction, I was able to see characters I loved in relationships that were happy and healthy. That’s not to say that there wasn’t tension and such in the stories I was reading but it was a glimpse into a world where LGBT relationships were of the norm.

So I started out writing fan fiction. Then I went on to write original fiction in the form of personal narratives. After that I began writing slash fiction and my personal narratives and original characters went to the back burner.

Some people might wonder why I went from original fiction and characters to writing slash fiction with other people’s characters.

Isn’t that a step backwards?

It might be but for some reason, I have lost inspiration somewhat for my personal narritives. It just seems easier to right fan/slash fiction because when you need inspiration, you can just watch a DVD or Netflix and you are instantly submerged into that world.

As of the last camp!Nano in July, I have been thinking of my original fiction and creating new characters. Now, I haven’t actually done anything original. WAIT! That’s a lie. How could I totally forget about my last post which was also my first post. I took on a challenge of writing a story for a prompt of A New Life. Your character starts something new.

That was actually the first fic of any original characters I have written in quite a long time but it was fun.

It was actually during July that thought for the first time of possibly publishing one day. I know that I would never be able to publish any of my writing commercially if it was nothing but slash and fan fiction.

To be able to publish, I am going to have to write with originality. Does that mean I am going to totally give up on fan and slash fiction? I can most certainly say that is going to be a big NO!

I enjoy the characters that I write and that I see on television too much to just give up on them. But I do want to focus more of my attention on original characters and settings as well.

That being said, this year, for NanoWriMo 2015, I am going to be writing a collection of short stories for my 50,000 words. Of those 50,000 words, some will be slash fiction and some will be original fiction.

That’s all I have for now.


Jeremy 🙂


4 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. I used to enjoy writing fiction (my first novel was published after won a national competition) until I spent two years in NZ, spending most of my time with academic literature and writing (in english). Somehow it dulled my creativity and imagination, and now? I barely can write fiction anymore.

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    • I hate to hear that. I don’t write as much as I used to but I still do every now and again and next month I’m going to attempt the month long Nanowrimo challenge to write 50000 words in 3o days. Gotta try to get my writing habit back.


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