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Nanowrimo Day 28 – Thanksgiving 2019

I have to start off by saying that this year’s Nanowrimo has no gone anywhere near according to plan. I had plans of writing 50k. I had plans of writing 5 short stories. I had plans. Or at least I did at the beginning of the month.

Between moving into my own apartment, all to myself, and work and commuting and such, it just did not pan out.

Am I bummed out? Of course I am. I am disappointed in myself to an extent. I have accomplished more during previous Nanowrimo events under more stress and issues that I had this year. So why couldn’t I overcome and write those words?

I have no idea really. I know the stress got to me and it made my anxiety and depression flare up big time. I spent the first day in my new apartment, once Mom had left from helping me to get my stuff moved in, crying on the couch. I have been alone before but it had never been in my own place. It had never been so utterly alone.

But after a few days, a week, I am better. I haven’t written on any of Nanowrimo short stories since the first few days I was in the apartment. I couldn’t really muster up the energy/motivation to write on anything.

December is coming up. It may not be Nanowrimo and have the exact same sense of wonderment that Nanowrimo and November always give me. I described it to a friend the other day. Nanowrimo and November, when they’re coming up, I get that same feeling I used to have when I was a little kid and the next day was Christmas morning.

But I am all in my new apartment and most everything is unpacked. As much as can be at this point. I have quite a few boxes in my closet that are full of books and movies. I don’t really have any furniture to put them away at the moment so they are just sitting in my closet for now.

But as my goals for Nanowrimo haven’t gone according to plan, I am going to pick myself back up and reorganize and refocus. Come December 1st, I will have a new plan for the new month.

Stay tuned for an update on my new plan! Happy Nanoing Everyone!

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Preptober Day 7

Today is Day 7 of Nanowrimo’s Preptober month and on the agenda for this week is getting a few things done that were supposed to be done at the end of week 1. Due to car issues though, I had to move a couple things back.

Week 2 Goals:

  1. Finish outlining for each of my short stories
  2. Create a visual timeline for each short story using their outlines.
  3. Organize my cloud storage as well as my Scrivener binder for NanoWriMo

I did get my Day 7 video posted to Youtube. I do feel a bit disappointed in that I don’t really have editing capabilities as the moment but I’ll get there.

Happy Preptober Everyone! Let me know in the comments section below what you’re doing for Preptober!

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BEDS 2019 – Day 29 – Character Visualization

One thing I have found that helps me when I am planning any story is to have visuals for my characters. Whether its a simple Google Images search or scrolling through Pinterist, I like to gather together images to use for my characters.

Not only does this help me to keep my characters straight in my head but it also helps with description when I am actually writing.

In preparation for Nanowrimo 2019, I have already begun to gather images for my main cast of characters. I still have a few that I need to get images for but the planning process is coming along nicely.

Do you gather images for your characters to help you in the planning process? Let me know in the comments section below!

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BEDS 2019 – Day 28

I missed yesterday’s blog post. I hope I’m not coming down with something. I’ve been tired lately. I don’t know if it is the heat getting to me or what. I know I’m ready for the weather to cool off but so far it still looks like it is going to be another couple weeks.

But that’s okay. I know it will at least be cooler come Nanowrimo and that’s okay. Warm tea and cider and large bowls of stew. Yummy!!

So for today’s post, I pose you a question.

If you had to pick one spot to write your novel, where would it be?

For me, I think it would be in a quiet little corner, with either my laptop or my alphasmart and a nice cup of tea. When I was in high school, I would sneak off to the school library and hide away in the a back corner with a notepad and pen. Didn’t have a laptop or Alphasmart back then. But I would sit there during lunch or free period and I would write the entire time.

I used to be able to churn out page after page after page. Not so much now. But I also look back at that stuff and cringe as it was so poorly written. I feel that I am better now at my writing and that is part of the reason why it takes so much long.

But anywho, where would your ideal place be to write your novel or any creative work? Let me know in the comments section below.

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BEDS 2019 – Day 27

Okay so I typed up a blog post for today on my Alphasmart but just never got my laptop out to send it over and upload. I did do some errands today. Got a couple things for my apartment.

Gotta work for the next 6 days but then thankfully I am off work for 6 days. Gonna just be a mini staycation. Going to use the time to get prep work done for Nanowrimo. I am really excited for this years session because the last half of the month will be in my apartment, in my very own space. Expect lots and lots of pictures of my apartment and specifically my writing space.

Well I’m off to bed y’all!

Sleep sweet!

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BEDS 2019 – Day 26

Okay so its almost midnight and I’m exhausted. So I’m just gonna leave you with one tip when it comes to creating a writing habit.

Now, while some might say you don’t have to write everyday, that’s surely true. I haven’t thought on it all that much really. Me personally, I want to write every single day. I just have to cultivate the habit first.

So my tip for you, if you want to write everyday, don’t stress. If you’re not feeling like writing, try to just write one sentence. It’s one more sentence that you wouldn’t have had, had you not written at all!

Even if it get scrapped later on, its something creative!

Stay tuned tomorrow for a longer post! I promise! I’m off tomorrow. I will be writing!

Night all!