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BEDS 2019 – Day 13

I know. I know! This post is a day late but I spent yesterday purchasing some stuff for my new apartment and relaxing afterwards. I didnt really get any writing done. I did start to create a playlist of songs for NanoWriMo and that’s always fun.

But other than that, not much writing!

Tune in again later for Day 14’s post!

Bye y’all!

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BEDS 2019 – Day 11

I totally forgot to post a blog post yesterday. I’m not going to let it get me down! I just had such a long, stressful day yesterday and days like that happen! I have one coworker in my department who is out sick all week and then I had another text me midday yesterday and tell me she isn’t able to work for the end of the week. Both have doctor’s notes getting them out of work. I wish I could afford to miss work. I can’t even get sick because I have no one that I could call and get to work for me.

Today might be another long day. If I can’t find someone to cover the closing shift today, it will be a 7am to 9pm shift for me.

It just feels like too much. But I am going to push through all of it and keep moving forward.

Stay tuned because there will be another post today for Beds Day 12!

PS: I did get some writing work done yesterday. I got note sheets created for Nanowrimo. I think I am going to do short stories for Nano. We shall see.

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BEDS 2019 – Day 10

So today was a long day at work. 11am to 9pm. But surprisingly I felt good after getting off work.

I got a little writing done. Notes and ideas for Nanowrimo mostly. I got what I am calling Nanowrimo Bible set up which will hold notes and research and the like for planning.

I spent some time getting my checkbook organized to see where I’ll be a few months out.

I stressed a little about money being tight my first few months in my new apartment but I feel better now.

Change is good. This will all be for the good.

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BEDS 2019 – Day 9

Well today was a long day. It was a mostly lazy day but still a long day. I ran errands in the early morning. Got a new notebook. Bout to be time to get my notes and research together for Nanowrimo!

I cleaned out my car somewhat. I have things in the car that need to go to storage and I put it all together so it’ll be easier to get out to storage tomorrow after work.

Napped a little too under a new super soft blanket I bought when I was out and about.

I found a chair I want to order to go with my new desk.

I love the color and it should fit under my desk. Some chairs with arms sit too high to go under the desk. I’m hopeful this one will!

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BEDS 2019 – Day 8

Today was most definitely a lazy day. I did do some errands early in the day but then napped on and off the rest of the day. I was off work today so why not?

I won an auction on Ebay for a writing desk. I wanted something simple and I got an $85 desk for only $43! A lot of the furniture and Screenshot_20190908-211457_eBay.jpgother items I have so far accumulated for my apartment, I got from friends and family or online from sellers locally for cheap. But my desk I wanted something new and simple.

I am hopeful that it holds up as well as others have said it does.

Well, I’m going to get off of here. It’s been a long day regardless of how lazy I was! 🙂

Bye all!

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BEDS 2019 – Day 7

So this post is a little late and wont be all that long. Today was a good day! Went to Moms and chatted for a bit. Did a little prep shopping for my new place.

May be a little cliche but I am thinking a new tenant and the handyman story idea for Nanowrimo. I have a write in to attend in the morning so I might see what I can flesh out on that idea!

I’m glad to be off for the next two days and see how I can relax and refocus on things!

Well, gonna get in bed for the night! Have a beautiful weekend everyone!