NanoWriMo Day 5 – Don’t Fret

Don’t Fret

Are you struggling with your NanoWriMo project? If so, don’t fret! Undertaking such a large project like NanoWriMo isn’t an easy task!

Are you finding it hard to write every single day?

I know I am! That’s what I struggle with the most during NanoWriMo. I have the want to write but the time is always the hardest thing to find. Want to know what I do?

I don’t stress or fret over it! Honestly, on Nov. 3rd, I wrote 24 words. On Nov. 4th, I wrote 11 words.

For me personally, NanoWriMo is less about churning out a 50k ‘shitty’ first draft and more about getting back into the habit of writing each and every day. Even if it is a small amount like this last weekend!

Was it always that way for me? Not at all. I used to write like crazy and then the days I didn’t hit the 1667 word count goal, I would suffer from periods of debilitating depression. It was to the extent that I wouldn’t write for days. This just compounded the not-writing slump I was in. But these depressive states had silver lining! It showed me that I needed to re-evaluate things and in doing so, I learned that I needed not to worry about hitting that goal of 1667 words every single day.

Instead, I needed to focus on just writing something every day. I needed to keep the creative flow going and I needed to keep it fun.

I went to a write-in on the first day of NanoWriMo. I only wound up getting 533 words that first day because I didn’t really know what I was doing. I didn’t have any real idea of what I was going to write for the month. But I started writing and then the next day, I texted a writing friend of mine for a writing date and I wound up writing 2091 words on day 2.

Day 3 and Day 4 were on the weekend before my birthday and I went out of town with a friend of mine and while he understood my writing challenge this month, I didn’t want to spend a lot of time writing during our time away together which is why I had small writing word counts those two days.

Day 5, today, has been rather unproductive because I spent the morning at the DMV renewing my drivers license and then went to the bank. After all of that, a nap was what sounded like the most enjoyable thing to do!

There’s still 2 hours left of the day and I want to write on my current WIP. I plan on it but I don’t see myself getting a whole lot written. But that’s okay!

The most important thing to remember is, Don’t Fret and Worry! It will be okay! Just try to write something each and every day. Even if you don’t make the 50k goal by the end of the month, that’s alright. A journey starts with one step! Well a story starts with a single word!

Keep on moving forward and don’t fret!

Happy Nanoing!


NanoWriMo – Day 1

NanoWriMo Day 1533 Words!
Not all that productive of a word count but considering I had absolutely no idea of what I was going to write about starting the day out, I think it’s pretty good.
I think since tomorrow is Friday, I am going to shoot for a 5k Friday! I’ve written more than 5k in one day before so I should be able to do it! Here’s hoping!!!
I’m still not sure where I am going with the store I am currently working on. I am a rebel, so I have another story that I started in September, that if I get stuck on what to write, I will jump over and work on that one! I’m only counting words written in November towards my goal, so it’s okay! Not too much rebellion!!!
Happy Nanoing Everyone!! May day 2 be extremely productive for you!!

My Roots of Writing

Well, this post is a few days late as I had planned on having it up on September 3rd but alas, real life interferes yet again.

So I am no closer to finding an idea for what I want to work on for this November’s NanoWriMo but I am thinking that this one I am going to Pants!

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about plotting verses pantsing. I used to pants everything. Then I switched to plotting last November and it worked well but I still felt plottingversuspantsing.jpglike I was having a hard time with certain points in the story. Or I would still deal with writer’s block.

I know that my writer’s block is exacerbated by my anxiety and depression. I would get days where I was on top of the world and the writing would be flowing so well. Those were my good days psychologically. Then the bad days, where the depression kept me in bed or at least away from the computer, I wouldn’t write anything. There were days where I would force myself to write one sentence or even just a few words to say, “Well, I at least wrote something,” but that wasn’t cutting it. Even though I had written ‘something’, it still wasn’t enough to make my goals for the month and I was still having to go into crunch time at the end of the month to make goals.

When I started writing when I was 14, so 16 years ago, I was a total pantser 100%. I see people all the time talking about their roots in this or that and I think I am going to think back on my own roots and a lot of that will be the spontaneity and fun I had when I was pantsing.

So for this years Nano, I am going to go in pretty much blind. I will have some tidbits of information but mostly just a general idea of what I want the story to be about.

What are your thoughts on Plotting VS Pantsing? Let me know in the comments section below!

Happy Fall

!! Happy Fall Everyone !!

I know what you’re probably thinking. “It’s not Fall! Fall doesn’t start until September 22nd!” Okay, so technically that’s true but for me, September 1st will always be the first day of the fall season.

Temperature wise and such, it’s still humidly Summer time but with stores bringing out their fall decor and the season coffee and other such decadent indulgences, how can I not start feeling fall-ish already?

Now, this post was supposed to go out yesterday but I unexpected had to go into work to cover for a girl that was sick. She worked the day before and thankfully didn’t leave any of her germs behind because I cannot afford to get strep.

So, August is over and September is already in its second day. What did I accomplish for August? Hmm, that’s a good question. Not much. I did get new tires for my truck. But in doing so, I broke myself. $800 for a brand new set of 4 tires needed all at one time isn’t an easy payout to accomplish. Because of that though, I did finally take some initiative and jumped on an opportunity to get a second job.

I had been shopping at the local Family Dollar for the last few months and I would hang around a bit and chat up the girls that worked there. I didn’t even know at the time that one of them was the store manager.

Well, two weeks ago, I was checking out and afterwards, one of the girls, who I later found out was the store manager, asked me if I knew anyone needing a job and was reliable. I told her I was interested and found out what the job entailed shift wise and it was perfect for my other job. I could get off at 2pm from my other job and work 330 to 1020 at Family Dollar. It makes for long days unless I work Family Dollar on a day off from my full time job but either way, it’s extra money that I didn’t have just two weeks ago.


It’s going to allow me to get my finances in order. It’s going to allow me to take care of some things I have been putting off. Like going to the eye doctor which I haven’t done in over 2 years. I am almost out of contacts and the only reason I have the one pair left is that I stretched them out and wore them longer than recommended. 3 months at a time instead of 2 weeks but I figured since I only wear them a day or two a week, if that, then that was alright but I do need to get back in and get some more.

Normally this blog focuses on my writing and other related topics and this post is no different.

What did I accomplish on a writing front for August? Not that much really. I wanted to write. I had ideas floating around in my head but whenever I sat down to write, nothing seemed to come forward onto the screen.

I did recently order a pre-owned Alphasmart Dana from Ebay for $25. I’m actually using it now to write this post and I will be sending it from the Alphasmart to my computer here in a little bit.

I ordered it because it has the PalmOS which has a backlight built into the screen. The backlight will allow me to more easily write in bed at night without having to have a lamp turned on to be able to see the screen. That was always one thing I disliked about my Alphasmart Neo and 3000 models. It wasn’t that bad but I still like this model the best so far. The only issue I have is the necessity to have a 1GB or smaller SD card to save documents. If you save a document to the unit itself and the batteries die, you lose the work on the unit but if you save the SD card, you don’t lose anything.


The problem is finding a 1GB card that isn’t outrageously expensive. They have cheap ones on Ebay but they’re from Hong Kong and I worry about the quality. I need to look around the house and see if I have one of my old ones from a camera or something.

The day seems to be like it’s going to go a little wonky. I turned on my desktop to upload this to the computer so I could post to WordPress and when I went to log on, I got the message: The User Profile Service failed the logon.

Just great. I had to go through the process of creating a new profile and then copying over all my files. Local files were easy to copy over but the cloud files are a pain because my internet connection is so slow.

So I am currently waiting for all of the files to update/backup from the cloud.

Anywho, what are my writing goals for the month of September?

Well, September is supposed to be PrepTember for NanoWriMo but I have no idea what I am going to do for Nano this year.

Everything just seems so far up in the air. I can’t even get a day off from my full time job. I have a day off, they call me and ask me this or ask me that. I just don’t know anymore. My people are trained and yet I can’t get a break.

I work my second job until 9:30 tonight and after I get off, I am going to go do something. I think I might go to Denny’s with my Alphasmart and try to do some writing.

I wish I knew of some new places I could go to that were open late into the night or even 24 hours.

I don’t know. I just want a day where I don’t have to deal with anything whatsoever work related.

I am so tired of feeling stressed and overworked and underpaid.


Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post as I hope to have a better idea of what I will be working on for 2018’s NanoWriMo session!

Camp Nano – Day 26

It has been a month, that’s for sure. Good and bad, I guess. I’ve had amazingly good days, writing and depression/anxiety wise. But there have been bad days. I have had more days than I’d like to think about where I didn’t write at all.

I had an initial goal for the month of 50k. I lowered it to 30k and then like a week later, I lowered it to 25k. I’m currently sitting at 19,053 no-writingwords. I can hit the 25k mark, so that’s a plus but with temperatures around 105 to 115 almost every damn day, it makes it so damn hard to get out after work and go do something. I mostly just want to go home, sit in front of a fan and do nothing.

But today is a new day! I am going to force myself to go somewhere after work and get some writing done. It’s still going to be hot as hell out but I need to get this done. I need to get this done so that next month I can work on another short story I have planned. I want to get both drafted and hopefully edited to something publishable by keepwriting.jpgthe end of the October if possible.

I just want to have something out there. I want to dip my toes in the sea of publishing. There’s so much negativity in the M/M publishing world at the moment from haters and self-proclaimed experts in the genre. In spite of all of this, I am going to be moving forward and publishing.

Can’t let the negativity win! Gotta keep moving forward… in life and in love writing!

Today is going to be a great day! My goal for today is 22,580! With my current total, I need to write 3,527 words today! I got this!!!

Happy Nanoing Everyone!!! 🙂

Casey Wolfe – A Mage’s Power *Giveaway*

New Release from Casey Wolfe, A Mage’s Power will be out on Monday, July 16th!

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Built on the bones of an ancient city, modern-day Everstrand is where master mage, Rowan, has set up his enchantment shop. When not hanging out with his werewolf best friend, Caleb, or studying, he dabbles in herbology and the controversial practice of blood magic. A prodigy who has already earned two masters, Rowan’s bound and determined to reach the distinction of grandmaster, a mage who obtains a masters in all five Schools of Magic.

Shaw works for the Inquisition, the organization charged with policing the magical races collectively known as magicae. Recently, it has come under scrutiny as magicae begin to disappear and reports of violence increase. With secrets of his own on the line, Shaw is willing to risk everything to find out just what is going on behind all the locked doors.

When Rowan and Shaw are entangled in each other’s worlds, it becomes evident that their hearts are as much at risk as their lives. They must find the truth and stop a conspiracy before it’s too late.

Pre-order today!
Release Day: Monday, July 16th!!


Camp NanoWriMo Day 9 and 10

Current Word Count: 12,524

So, I decided that Endgame, the novel I am working on for Camp Nano is going to be more ‘novella’ sized so I downed my goal to only 30k for the month. This has put me back on track for the month instead of being far behind with my 50k goal.


I’m not going to stress over the word counts and goals too much. I am still going to try to get ahead of my goal and I still want to surpass 30k for the month but 30k is a good goal.

I also have another novella that I want to work on after this one. I might work on the other after I finish the first draft for Endgame.

But anywho, fixing to get on the road and head to a writing spot. Don’t know exactly where yet as it looks like it’s about to storm.

Goal For Today: 14,520! Let’s see if I can hit it!!!

Camp NanoWriMo Day 8

Current Word Count: 8,914

I didn’t get any writing done yesterday. I had good intentions but family issues pulled me away. Today, as soon as I post out this small blog post, I am going to sprint for 2 hours and see what I can come up with!


I hate that I haven’t written anything in almost a week but the small 66 words or so. But it’s okay. Tomorrow, when I get off work,

But, I won’t keep this post going longer. Gonna get a cup of tea and try to write this evening. Evening Goal: 2,000 words!!I am going to slink away to somewhere other than home and try to write as well.

Camp NanoWriMo Day 7

Current Word Count: 8914
Month’s Goal: 50,000
Today’s Goal: 14,516
Words Needed: 5,602

So I am currently behind on my goal for the month of July! Oh Boy!!!! I have written a sad 66 words since the 2nd. I started out super strong but alas, life has taken its toll again. A/C in my car went out. Had to put it in the shop. Dad went into the hospital day before yesterday.


Complications from a surgery he had in May. He’s good now. He’ll be getting out tomorrow some time!

Now I find out that a girl that works in my department at work is leaving and my store director is transferring stores. So work is a bit up in the air at the moment.

But I know there is no use worrying about things that are out of my control.

Today, when I get off work, gotta go help Mom get the camper packed up. Her and Dad were at the lake when he had to go back to the hospital.

Once the camper is done being packed up and such, I will be burning off to somewhere to write. Depending on the time we get finished, I might be going to Denny’s to eat and write for a few hours.

My goal for today is to get to 14,516. That means that I need a total of 5,602 words written today. I can do that. I wrote 6,206 words on Monday in just about 4.5 hours. So I can totally get the words I need for today to meet my goal!

I have got to get into the mind set of no matter what happens each day, I have to write. Even if I only sit down and write for just a 30 minute session, I have to write! I will be, going forward, making sure that if nothing else, I will write for at least 30 minutes each day!

Gonna shoot for #1k30min goals each day from now on!!

LGBT+ #Pride! What does it mean to you?

I was inspired by @Pup_Amp over on Twitter and Watts The Safeword by his post asking what #pride means to me/us! Check out his post by either clicking the link here or clicking the image below!

AmpsPostWhat does #pride mean to you? To me, it means not being ashamed of who you are! Even with people around you who look down on you and think you’re evil or wrong or a disappointment. Be you! Be proud of being you! You’re the only you there is!

As a culture, it means remembering those that have come before me to make it possible for me to be myself and for you to be yourself! History has shown us that being gay/LGBT, while still not completely acceptable today, was very much feared and seen as taboo in the past! It has taken decades to get to the point that we are at now and even still, people who identify as LGBT+, are seen as outsiders today.heart-1348870_960_720.png

It’s sad. It’s unfair. It’s downright disgusting that people, HUMAN BEINGS, have to live in fear that just because they love someone society sees as wrong, they will be shunned and discriminated against.

#LOVEISLOVE and people should be able to love who they want and not feel bad about it. Love is a beautiful thing. Not everyone experiences it in their life. That’s a sad thing to think that there are some people that do not have love in their lives. But that being said, if someone finds love, they shouldn’t have to fear that that love will cause them heartache from people they might not even know!

In short, love who you love and be who you are! There is only one you and YOU make the world a better place by being in it! Love those around you! Smile to someone, anyone! Smile at a stranger. It just might make their day!

What does #pride mean to you?
Let @Pup_Amp know as he was the inspiration for this post!


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