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A Beautiful Day!

Today is going to be a beautiful day! Even though it’s overcast and probably going to rain and I’m stuck at work, it is still a wonderful day!

I have a writing date planned for next Thursday that I am really looking forward to. Today after I get off work, I have some errands to run but would like to stop off at a cafe to do a bit of writing.

I have felt, over the last few weeks, like I’ve been losing myself and my writing self in particular. I have the want to write but the energy seems to be lacking. The inspiration and motivation could use some work too.

But I’ll get back to it. I’ll get myself turn around again. I always do. Just gotta stay focused on the good and positive in my life.

Today’s Writing Goal: 125 words.

Gonna keep the goal small for a while and not overwhelm myself!

Happy Writing!

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Story Ideas

When I was on vacation in Galveston, I had so many story ideas floating around in my head. Did I write any of them down? That’s a big fat NO! But I remember them but now that I am back home, they just don’t seem to have the same spark that they had when I was laying on the beach!

I wrote yesterday. It was only a journal entry and it was typed out quickly in my Alphasmart while I was waiting on my honey to get off for his lunch break at work.

I’m closing at work tonight so more than likely it will be slow and I can try to get some writing done. Or at least some notes for new story ideas.

I really need to get back into my writing. I participated in Camp Nanowrimo last month and my goal was only 6.5k. By the end of the month, I wound up lowering that goal to 1125 because that was under what I actually managed to write for the month.

For the entire month! I only accomplished 1181 words. I’m better than that. I can do better than that. I need to go back to my goal setting with a minimum goal, a midway goal, and an ultimate goal for each day.

I gotta do something to get my out of this writing funk that I’m in!

Well, gotta get ready for work but hopefully after work tonight I’ll have some shiny new ideas!

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Camp NanoWriMo DAY 2

Well, Day 1 ended on a good note! I set a goal of 500 words and I got 594 words written yesterday in the last 2 hours of the day. Really in one hour and then I kinda just laid around for the last hour. But hey, that’s okay. I met my goal and that was what mattered.

I have a closing shift tonight. I’m dreading it because I haven’t closed in so long and its just so damn dead at work later in the evening. Maybe though, the slowness at work will give me a little writing time!

We shall see.

My goal for today is going to be another 500 words. With closing at work and then I open tomorrow, we shall see how it goes.

Happy Nanoing Everyone!! 🙂


February 10, 2019

A good day! Today has been an amazingly awesome day! Me and the honey went to Starbucks and I got my outline done for my next short story! I also got 217 words written on the story itself.

Now it’s a night in, watching the Walking Dead and relaxing!

Hope the week goes well for all!! Happy Writing!! 🙂

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The End… of January

Well, I had a different blog post planned for today but I came to work and left my cord to send text from my Alphasmart to my laptop. Oh well! Tomorrow will have a blog post already planned out then and all I will have to do is hit send.

So, today is January 30th. I was almost off in my days thinking it was the 31st. But that’s okay. Gives me today and tomorrow to finish my short story for the month. Sadly I have been neglecting my writing over the last month. Tomorrow’s blog post will shed light on the reasons for the neglect.

It’s not something that I am proud of. It’s something I live with. My neglect for my creative life comes from my sometimes debilitating anxiety and depression.

There are days when I don’t even want to get out of bed. I do. I have to go to work to pay my bills and such. My family, whom I live with, don’t even understand any of it. None of them understand the demon’s in my own head.

Trying to talk to them is like talking to a brick wall, even on a good day. But that’s okay.

But one thing I need to learn, is to not let my anxiety and depression get the better of me to the point that I lose my creative spirit.

I’m going to cut this blog post short and try to work for a little bit on my short story for the month.

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!!! Happy Writing!

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A Daily Journal – Day 8

So yeah, there’s some gaps between this entry and my last one! I did do a journal entry each day but with work and other engagements, I wasn’t always able to do them online. In the next few days, I might copy and paste them online. We’ll see.

Anywho, a rundown of my last few days. I’ve been working like crazy all the while not feeling so hot. Not the flue, so that’s a PLUS!! But just run down and sick to my stomach. Most likely trying to do too many things at once.

If you’ve seen some of the other posts from this year so far, you’ll know I’m working on three short stories for the first quarter of the year. I did get some writing done on the first story on Sunday. It wasn’t much, about 200 words. But HEY, that’s something!!! It’s something I’m proud of!

But I won’t keep this journal entry going for long. I’m fixing to get out my story and work on it some more before I go to bed.

Have a wonderful evening everyone!!!

I hope everyone has a Wonderful Wednesday!!!